Pullover Braveheart - V-neck

Pullover Braveheart - V-neck

A Shetland pullover from the evergreen highlands of Scotland.

Positive Luxury - Brands to Trust
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The wool yarns of Shetland sheep

They have greater bulk than other wools and provide the best insulation given by nature. They hold air, which enables the fabric to retain heat and cold, so that the insulation works both ways.
The Tuaregs of the Sahara desert use woollen clothes even to keep out heat and protect their bodies.
Masculine look and many great colours to choose from.

Product Attributes

  • 100% pure virgin wool
  • OEKOTEX 100, class 1
  • No formaldehyde used
  • Designed by ViRUS
  • Wool material from New Zealand
  • Pullover made in Scotland by Laurence Odie Ltd, Shetland
  • OEKO TEX 100
  • Positive Luxury